Season begins with MotoGP test at Sepang

By | January 27, 2018

Bangalore/Chennai, 26 Jan 2018: The new season begins! Like all of you our patrons and motorsports enthusiasts, we too are eagerly waiting for the first races to unfold. We will begin our coverage with the MotoGP test to be held at Sepang from 28 to 30 January.

Srinivasa Krishnan, an experienced photo-journalist, is accredited for the event and will bring you some delightful action shots and off-beat images from the MotoGP test. Mr. Krishnan, who is an expert in high-speed action photography, has been a regular at the Madras Motorsports Racing Trust, the venue of the National Racing Championships in Chennai for the last three years and he has also covered the Asia Pacific Rally Championship for the last two years at Chikkamagaluru. Last year he was accredited by the Abu Dhabi Formula One GP and the Malaysian MotoGP.

INDIAinF1 has a special arrangement with Mr. Krishnan.

We will also bring you news from all the teams, as usual, and also the day-to-day updates. This year we also plan to go beyond the regular coverage to rope in stories and news of India interest.