20-race F1 calendar for 2015 released by World Motor Sports council

By | September 12, 2014

FIA President Jean Todt welcomed members of the World Motor Sport Council ahead of the first race of the new FIA Formula E Championship in Beijing on Saturday 13 September, a historic moment as the world’s first fully-electric racing Championship competing in city-centre circuits worldwide is launched.

The following decisions were taken:


The 2015 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar is confirmed as follows:

15 March                    Grand Prix of Australia

29 March                    Grand Prix of Malaysia

5 April                        Grand Prix of Bahrain

19 April                      Grand Prix of China

10 May                      Grand Prix of Spain

24 May                      Grand Prix of Monaco

7 June                       Grand Prix of Canada

21 June                     Grand Prix of Austria

5 July                        Grand Prix of Great Britain

19 July                      Grand Prix of Germany

26 July                      Grand Prix of Hungary

23 August                  Grand Prix of Belgium

6 September              Grand Prix of Italy

20 September            Grand Prix of Singapore

27 September            Grand Prix of Japan

11 October                Grand Prix of Russia (Sochi)

25 October                Grand Prix of USA (Austin)

1 November               Grand Prix of Mexico

15 November             Grand Prix of Brazil

29 November             Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi


The following amendments have been made to the Sporting Regulations, applicable from January 2015:

  • In order to give more of an advantage to crews contesting all the stages, a seven-minute penalty, instead of five minutes, will be applied for a missed stage. The 10-minute penalty for missing the last stage of a day remains applicable.
  • A WRC Team will be permitted a one-day test for each competition it nominates.
  • Current Group N4 cars will be renamed as R4, in order to integrate them into the rally pyramid. This applies to all cars in the category worldwide.

The calendar for the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship is confirmed as follows:

25 January                  Rallye Monte-Carlo *

15 February                Rally Sweden

08 March                    Rally Mexico

19 April                      Rally Argentina

24 May                      Rally Portugal

14 June                     Rally Italy

05 July                      Rally Poland

02 August                 Rally Finland

23 August                 Rally Germany *

13 September           Rally Australia

04 October               Rally France *

25 October               Rally Spain

15 November            Rally Great Britain

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