Motoring on common ground

By | June 27, 2013

FIA Secretary General for Mobility Susan Pikrallidas highlights close ties between race and road

London, 26 June 2013,

FIA General Secretary for Automobile, Mobility and Tourism Susan Pikrallidas urged ASNs around the world to take advantage of programmes put in place by the Federation’s Mobility department as she  stressed the links between the road and  racing arms  of the FIA. During an address to Sport Conference Week delegates Ms Pikrallidas explained that  mobility and  sporting clubs share common aims in servicing the needs of members and the public.

“We have  a shared passion for safety and sustainability and  a shared commitment to members – to organise great races and  for us to ensure that road users are served well,” she  said.

As such, she  explained that  the FIA’s Mobility department has established a number of programmes aimed at helping member clubs to develop and prosper, including the FIA University project and  a club relationship management programme, both of which she  said were  available to all member clubs,  be they sporting or mobility focused.

“We have  developed these programmes with the idea that  they should benefit the whole  FIA family and  I hope that ASNs will take advantage of them,” she  said. “When we offer courses [at the FIA University] they are not just with sport or mobility clubs in mind but offer business strategies for all.”

In outlining how similar external forces influence the worlds  of mobility and  sport, Ms Pikrallidas presented research outlining possible societal models for the year 2025. Stressing the value of such research in shaping how both mobility clubs and ASNs react to change, she asked delegates to imagine how their businesses would operate in four differing scenarios, varying from a world defined by environmental concerns to a society centred around unchecked development.

Finally, asked by to draw upon her experiences at past Mobility Conferences and  offer advice to conference organisers, she said the key is to listen to their members.

“The lesson is simply to listen to your attendees,” she  said. “Pay attention to their needs and concerns. It is their conference.”