Success Mantra in Sports – a rare book on Sports Psychology by MN Viswanath

By | January 24, 2017

Bengaluru, 19 Jan 2017: The book, Success Mantra in Sports, written by sports psychologist MN Viswanath, was released by Arjuna Awardee Ashwini Nachappa at the Hockey Stadium here on Wednesday.

“There is an urgent need for such a book not just for athletes, coaches and trainers but for all parents and students. How to handle fear, how to control our emotions, how to realise our inner potential… Be it music, be it arts, studies or sports. Every child needs such books to help train their minds,” felt star athlete Nachappa who beat PT Usha on her day, only after she underwent Sports Psychology training under Bupen Das which removed her `mental block’.

“Some books entertain and some books teach. But we rarely come across books which serve both the purposes. With apt and meaningful real-life experiences, it’s a practical book with simple concepts, mind drills and ideas. The book teaches without sermonising and just flows as it makes you think,” opined renowned counsellor and founder of Banjara Academy Dr Ali Kwaja.

Celebrated athlete Arjun Devaiah also spoke about how he struggled to come up as No.1 in the country in his event. “Having started my competitive athletics only in early twenties, I had to face a lot of negative comments. Some coaches even suggested it was time to retire and I was just starting my career. But I had the hunger to succeed and I was determined. With great focus and hard work, I did achieve my goal and represented the country but looking back I feel I would have tamed my career with lot more conviction and ease had I had the support of a sports psychologist,” he felt. “Hardwork, devotion, determination, dedication and other such words, concepts and ideas are all fine. But what one needs to do to succeed in sports is to implement these with discipline in everyday life. Only then one can achieve, what he dreams,” he concluded.

The 376-page book addresses key mental aspects of sports in an easy and simple manner with a lot of anecdotes and narrates personal experiences from an impressive range of top national and international sportspersons. “Many years back, I found it difficult to find a professional psychological support for my table-tennis playing son,” revealed MN Viswanath, the author which prompted him to write the book. And after four years of research and hard work, the book fills the gap of a long-felt need.

Celebrated Australian sports psychologist Dr Michelle Pain, in the foreword says that she is proud to have Success Mantra in Sports in her collection. “Vish is a keen teacher who wants to bring sports psychology concepts to the general public in India for a minimum cost and he had achieved it with this book. This book points to correct thoughts and actions anyone can put to good use that can lead to improved performances and enjoyment of sports,” she recommends.

Veteran coach and Dronacharya awardee Mr Lingappa, 93, was fecilitated on the occasion.

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